Sunday, July 11, 2010

To my Girlfriends who worked so hard to help us find LS/LP...

I keep forgetting to write about the one bit of information that we got before we came that apparently does not apply to the southern provinces of China in July during the 100 year heat wave:  that we must keep her in long sleeves and long pants at all times out of the hotel.  And maybe not the northern provinces, either, but I don't know that for sure!  EVERYTHING I read before we came said we must, even though it would be hot.  NOBODY here is complying with that.  So, we have a drawer full of really cute outfits that will return home perfectly clean and ready for fall.  We are having fun shopping for shorts and t-shirts and sundresses.  Prices here are really good, so it's fine.

Thank you to Julie, Stephanie, Suzanne and friends, and any others who helped us find what we thought we needed.  It will be a fun memory for the book!

Steph, the clothes that fit best are the 5s but the 4Ts work, too.


the "B" family said...

That's funny that you posted about this because I have been wondering. :)
Can't wait to hear all about everything! I can not remember when you are getting home???

Stephanie said...

Yay! So glad she's not having to suffer in all of those long clothes! And so glad that you're finding great deals on cute stuff.

The Five B's said...

Tracy, I feel guilty. I should have offered that tip to you because I did the same thing in 2007 by packing ls/lp for Lilly. I just assumed Dillon had updated their materials since then! But as you've discovered it makes for some fun shopping.