Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Good Day

Well, it's Sunday, July 11th @ 4:16pm here.  We got to Skype with "the cousins" as they are called (Damon, Deborah, and my brothers kids), Mimi & Pa (Tracy's parents), and my Dad (Darrell Sr.) last night.  It was fun to hear & see them and good for the family.

This morning we went to breakfast, came back to the room, then met up with some new friends adopting their third little girl from China.  We took taxis to the Toy Wholesale Emporium ~ a 9 story beautiful building crammed with thousands of tiny shops.  Some were probably only 2'x10'.  We had fun shopping (about an hour) then me and boys brought Jingshu back, ate some noodles & PB&J sandwiches.  The rest of them are still enjoy shopping.  We are enjoying not!

Hayden is taking her afternoon nap; a routine for her.  We read some books together with the lights low then she fell asleep.

The older kids are doing great.  Many families have commented on how helpful and kind our kids are and how they handle adversity with a smile and good attitude.  They really do make a ba ba proud.  I truly believe having the kids here has allowed Jingshu to attach more quickly and easily to our family.  I'm especially glad for this time with Parker as he heads to ASU a month after we get home.

The "weather" between Tracy and Jingshu took a slight warming trend today.  We are trying to create more opportunities for them to be alone and do things together.  Your prayers are making a huge impact.  Keep 'em coming.  Tracy's doing great.  

Yesterday, Mattel gave each adopting family a Barbie Doll holding a little Asian baby (remember… rugs are oriental, people are Asian).  Mattel has furnished a play area for all of the adopted kids here at the White Swan.  We're saving that as a special adventure Tracy can take Jingshu on.

We love and miss you all and look forward to you meeting our newest family member soon!



Karon said...

Missing all of you! Not surprised at all to hear about the compliments your kids are getting. :)

Glad to hear about the warmer weather for Tracy...I'm praying for that to continue.

Can't wait to see you guys!!!!
Karon W