Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back to Her Beginning

I can't thank you enough for the kind and caring comments.  I am feeling encouraged by  them; by my older kids who are protective of me and making sure that I know, and that she knows, that they love me; by Darrell, who is as always, so good to love me well and know just the right thing to say or do when I am sad; but mostly from the power of everyone's prayer.  

I am so glad that we made the decision to visit Liuzhou City.  The three-hour drive through south China countryside was breathtakingly beautiful.  Seriously, China is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  We had heard that China is dirty and stinky and that the people spit everywhere.  I have not experienced any of that in any of the places we have been--Beijing, Nanning, Liuzhou City, and now Guangzhou.  The people are beautiful and friendly.  And curious of the large (in a couple of ways!) American family.

Glen told Jingshu that we were going to her home town just for a visit to show her new family and asked if that was okay with her.  She was fine with it.  When we were eating lunch he asked if she could tell him where her foster family lives.  She ignored him.  He asked if she would like to go back to say goodbye to her kindergarten class.  After a long pause she told him she couldn't remember where it is.  Those were the only signs of any distress that we saw that day.  That doesn't mean she didn't feel it, but this little one is very strong and shows fear by taking control in other ways. And, boy, does she!

This province only allows visits to the courtyard, inside the front gate of the orphanag.  As you can tell from the pictures, the front building is being renovated, but we gathered under a pretty tree (shade!) and visited with three of the directors.  The lady we met Monday when we first met Jingshu oversees the adoption department and brought us another gift from the orphanage--a beautifully framed beadwork character for good fortune.  It was made by the special needs children of the orphanage.  

Jingshu has gotten a runny nose and little cough, probably from the air-conditioning, which she is not used to.  I asked the director what medicine she would suggest for her, thinking over-the-counter.  She ran to the medical clinic and came back with three different prescription medications:  an antibiotic in adult capsule form (!), a liquid cough medicine, and a medicinal tea.  I loved the concern she showed.  I have no doubt that our little one has been very well cared for.  BTW, I chose not to give her the antibiotic, but have used the tea and it seems to be working well for her.

The director who was more directly involved in Jingshu's life was very protective for her.  She wanted to know if we would learn Chinese cooking when we returned home.  I told her that we would, and that there were Oriental groceries and restaurants nearby.  I also told her that Jingshu had enjoyed everything she had eaten with us, including pizza and peanut butter and honey sandwiches.  She quickly told me that, while it was fine for now because we are still on a trip, she WOULD need good Chinese food at home.  She also asked if we would enroll her in school.  Because she is enrolled in Comm Central, I said yes and planned to leave it at that.  Glen had to go and tell her that we homeschool.  Of course, in China, that didn't go over well at all.  I tried to explain that in America that is a good thing!  And I later asked Glen why he "threw me under the bus like that!"  He said in China institutional education is highly valued.  Oh, well.

My favorite part of the day was our visit to the park, right down the street from the orphanage.  This park has a significant part in Jingshu's life.  There is a gate that is within sight of the orphanage.  After a fun visit inside this beautiful place, including a small roller coaster ride, we gathered as a family at the gate to thank God for creating this beautiful girl, protecting her, and bringing her into our family.  I will never forget that moment.

Then, the long ride home.  I am most impressed that this sweet little girl never complains.  She is content.  When the guides have explained what is happening and asked her if she is happy, she says she is.  She eats whatever we give her and seems to like it!

And so it was, that the Adcock family traveled back to Hayden's beginning.  

Tracy Adcock


Anonymous said...

I have just caught up on all your posts.....tears streaming down my face. As others have said, Tracy, on of the reasons I like you so much is that you are totally honest, real and aren't afraid to let others see that side of you. I am praying for your journey and growth, that Jingshu will open up to you, for strength, and for much laughter and many fun meomories. What a great picture of His love for us....even as we have sinned, He still gave His life. You are a tangible picture of that love for Jingshu....

Lots of Love-

-C said...

OH mY WORD! So randomly I'm on facebook and saw your name on my feed and flew to your page to see what was going on with Hayden not remembering details. AND there you are ... in China!! I've read your last couple posts and am so grateful to join you from NOLA on this journey of a lifetime ... one that will shape you in ways you will delight in. There is always beauty in the journey towards Him no matter how difficult. I love you friend. Thanking the Spirit for His prompting tonight and interceding for you and your fam. What an incredible privilege.

Stephanie said...

I'm loving the pictures and posts. Please keep them coming! I wish I could hear more about how the older kiddos are they are liking the food, what they are thinking about this culture, etc.

Also, how are the clothes fitting? Was I wrong? Does she fit more into the 4Ts or 5s?

Is Glen in the yellow shirt in your pics from the orphanage? I'm liking the collar! He's styling :)
For others reading this, please don't misunderstand...I love Chinese people...been to China twice...wishing I was there again!

I agree it is a beautiful country. Beautiful land and beautiful people. Bus rides are interesting, aren't they? Have any chickens or goats joined you yet? Maybe you're not far enough out in the villages to experience that.

Can't wait to meet little Hayden/Jingshu. And for now I can't wait to read your entries every day.

Love y'all!