Monday, July 5, 2010

HAYDEN: Whimpers of the Night

TUES, July 6th, 7:45am

We had a great day yesterday.  After getting Hayden we came back to our room and blew bubbles, ran the halls, and laughed a lot!  Tracy and I signed papers in preparation for the official work today.

We had dinner in the "Food Court" (another blog all to itself!... let's just say it ain't like the Mall!) then went swimming together.  We came home, gave her a bath, and she watched her favorite Disney show (trust me... you've never heard of it!).

After gathering as a family and praying together, we tucked her in and dimmed the lights.  We never heard a sound from her, but the tears in her eyes told the story.  She missed her Ma Ma and Ba Ba with whom she's lived for the past three years.  I'm sure she's missing much more than she lets on.

Letting go of the past, we press on to the goal set before us.  We are thankful for God's indelible thumbprint on this whole experience or I don't think we could get through this.

Darrell Adcock

follow our trip to china to bring Hayden home...


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can see why Tracy could not write that one. Keep the blogs coming. Great to "live it" with you.

Mo said...

Oh sweet Hayden. Of course I didn't think of the uncertainties or saddness she would be experiencing, but I can't think of a better family to welcom her into.

sharon delay said...

reading that post will leave any parent with tears in their eyes....
so hard to imagine sweet Hayden missing everything she has ever known. how i wish she could know what we back home know...what a wonderful family she has been blessed with...a family who has prayed for her, who wants her and who has loved her from the moment this journey began.

thank you for sharing so we know how to pray...

loving you all, sharon