Sunday, June 13, 2010

"We're halfway there... Oh Oh... Living On A Prayer..."

We are BLOWN AWAY at people's love for us in helping us
travel as a family to get our little girl.

Originally, my thoughts were about what an amazing experience it would be for the five of us. You know, Parker's "last summer" with us before he heads off to college and summer jobs, major family vacation, seeing the Great Wall. Oh, and... our two weeks with Hayden so she can begin to bond with our family (especially Parker).

But along the way, through the experience of others, my focus has shifted to what it means for Hayden. She will always know (through memories, photo albums, and video) that we entered her world: met her caregivers and friends, ate her food, shared her tears, made memories of fun adventures.

The parallels of our spiritual adoption is overwhelming. Emmanuel ~ God with us. Came to where we lived. Ate our food. Shared our tears. Adopted us into His family and gave us an elevated position equal to his own son. With full privileges and inheritance.

All of this quickly moves beyond my "Sunday School answer" understanding to become very real and tangible.

Many of you have asked if we have "enough". The adoption is fully-funded and complete. We are halfway there financially to take the kids with us. Some have asked if it's too late to help out. We've been encouraged to make the need known. We still need $7,500 to cover the 2-3 week trip for the kids. If you'd like to help, you may DONATE HERE or email us for a mailing address. We will most likely be purchasing our tickets within the next two weeks.

U[DATED AGAIN: 06/23/10 - We're down to the last $2,600.

UPDATE: 06/16/10 - We now need only $4,500. "Only" sounds ridiculous, unless you've experienced what we have in the last three days. No words adequately convey all we feel.

Our hearts feel such gratitude toward all who have given, asked, gotten excited, and anticipate our new family.
Darrell. Dad. Daddy. Bà.