Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Downhill Run

The USCIS quickly resolved the error on our I171H and emailed the corrected one to Dillon and I already have the corrected hard copy in my hand. Our thanks to them for doing that so expediently!

This spring has felt very much to me like being on a roller coaster. And every step, up until now, has felt like each little cog in the uphill climb. Painfully slow. Anticipation building. Moments of looking around and seeing where we're going, wondering what in the world made us decide to get on this ride. Other times filled with excitement about what's to come.

Well, today we crested the hill. We can see the downhill slide! We are just about to fall off the top and head into the free-fall. I can already almost feel my stomach doing flip-flops!

I spent the day gathering information needed by travel agents and sending it out to several to hopefully get the best rate. Best is a relative term, by the way. In March when we received the updated financial planning guide for the trip, $1,800 was the top of the range for what to expect to pay to fly round trip to China. Today I am learning that we'll be doing good to get them for $2,400 IF we fly out of Dallas--5 hours away! The travel agents have said they have never seen the prices this high. Nice. But don't hear me whining or complaining. I'm not. I'm just surprised.

But our Father is not surprised and He is taking care of it. We continue to be blessed and our faith bolstered.


Anonymous said...

If you guys end up needing to fly out of Dallas you're more than welcome to crash a night with us! We have plenty of room for all of you and we're just about 40 minutes from DFW! Just let us know. We're flying to CA Thurs. am but will be back on June 26th!


Suzy said...

Have you spoken to Sue Sorrels who is a travel agent who specializes in adoption travel? What about Delight Travel & there is another one that specializes in adoption travel to China. Best wishes! It IS expensive to travel in the summer. Where in China are you going? I'm afraid I forgot.

TracyA said...


Thank you SO much for the offer! I don't think we'll end up needing to spend the night, but if something changes we'll let you know! Also, thank you so much for the gift for our family. We REALLY appreciate it!

TracyA said...


I talked to Sue and 5 other travel agents. We ended up with a best rate of $2333. By FAR the best rate. The reason travel is even more expensive than normal to China this summer is that the World Expo is in Beijing. But, God is providing! She is in the Guangxi province, so we will go to Nanning.