Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good News...Bad News

Good News - USCIS office has everything needed to process our I600a
Bad News - Person who gives the final approval is out on leave

Good News - More time to get our "things to do before we travel" list done
Bad News - Meeting Hayden is delayed

Good News - Plane tickets will be less expensive in July
Bad News - School starts August 2nd, too soon

Good News - God is in control and had this timing planned from the beginning
Bad News - I sometimes have trouble giving up my picture of "perfect timing"



Mo said...

Great perspective Tracy. It will all work out the way it is supposed to, as long as we are doing our part.

TracyA said...

Thanks, Mo!

Cheryl Rainey said...

Tracy...I have enjoyed keeping up with this process via the blog...we have been praying for you guys and the Bernards....Hayden is a blessed little girl and y'all will be a blessed family with her a part of it...

Lainey said...

I just said a prayer for y'all. Hope you continue to receive more good news.

TracyA said...

Thanks for the comments and the prayers!

Cheryl, I am following your blog, too, and love reading of your adventures!

Lainey, We are praying for you and Ron, too!