Monday, October 8, 2007

Welcome to our story

Join us as we share our family: Darrell, Tracy, Parker, McKenna, Logan, and (pending China Girl). We hope to share stories, pictures, and video of our life and travel. Who knows what all will be shared here.

This will also be the place we share our story of adopting a little girl from China. You'll learn the process we've been through, the coming two-year wait, and our journey to China (hopefully, the whole family).

We'll also share and log all that has brought us to today in that journey. Want to stay up with us every time we blog? If you're not using a blog reader (like Google Reader), it IS the way to go. It's easy! For more information to here.


Jim said...

I pray your journey is a really short one but filled with joy. Thanks for the blog and opportunity to see in side your family and your hearts.

Dont give up

Mo said...

Welcome to the world of blogspot. Praying for you and the adoption of this precious child!

Tuna Jones said...

Hi Darrell and Tracy,

I found your blog and can't wait to hear more about your adoption. God bless you guys!!

ps... the ragamuffin soul... know his wife! small world.

pps.. check out our family online too:

God's Best,
Tina Thruston (kurtz)